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Embarking on a new commercial building project is an ambitious endeavor, but breaking the project down into sections can help clarify and streamline the process for all involved. The 16 MasterFormat Divisions utilized before the year 2004 have since been expanded to 50 divisions in the new version. For simplicity and clarity, we’ll be focusing on Divisions 27 and 28. If you would like to see a full list of the 50 divisions of construction, click here. Now let’s take a look at Divisions 27 and 28 for heavy-duty security and infrastructure.

Division 27 – Communications

Division 27 is focused on ensuring quality network infrastructure designs. At Schiller, our goal involves giving our valued customers the gift of a dependable and sustainable network infrastructure. This isn’t a difficult task when our team is made up of BICSI certified experts. We have the necessary skills to blend quality designs with the individual needs of our customers. Let us take on the challenge of future-proofing your infrastructure.

Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security

Division 28 packs a triple security punch. The main focus of this division includes:

  • Access ControlSchiller Architectural Hardware provides Kentucky and the surrounding markets with access control systems and integrated solutions. Specify,  we can design, install, and service an enterprise access control solution for your firm. As far as access control is concerned, only our customers will be able to decide who has access to their building and when. Potential threats to the security of your company will dissolve when you put your trust in us. We will provide you with the ability to control who comes and goes from your facility at any hour of the day. Whether you have single-site or enterprise global system requirements, when you become our customer, you will be taken care of accordingly.
  • Video Surveillance – We can install and service video surveillance systems to meet project requirements from 1 to thousands of IP cameras. Our goal is to provide our customers with Usable Video Evidence when it counts. Usable Video Evidence is now readily available and easily transferable to thousands of cameras in any facility. Our customers will be able to supervise any detail of their company with quality video playback. Not to mention that the entire perimeter of any facility will be covered under our intrusion detection systems. Our customers can monitor their sites with our UL listed monitoring services. This will ensure a sense of security and peace of mind because they are aware of everything going on at any given time.
  • Intrusion Detection SystemsPerimeter protection that provides a true sense of security, that’s what it’s about. We can install, service and monitor your intrusion detection system with UL listed monitoring services. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable facility monitoring and superior service.

These divisions serve to bring clarity to large-scale commercial building projects, helping you decide which steps to take in order to turn your project into a reality. If you’re interested in learning more, read about Schiller and how we incorporate these divisions into our business model. If you are searching for someone to design your infrastructure or provide you with protective security, contact Schiller today.

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