Kentucky International Convention Center

 EOP, HOK, and Donald Grinberg, FAIA

We installed 4 complete systems in the 250,000+ square foot convention center

All of the systems are fully integrated and report to staff security on a single platform

  • Access Control
    • 100+ wireless access-controlled doors
    • 190 hard wired access-controlled doors
  • Video Surveillance System
    • 175 IP cameras
  • Intercom System
    • 35 intercoms reporting to several workstations throughout the building
  • Intrusion System
    • 350+ monitored doors, motion detection and glass break alarms
    • Push button “silent alarms” in selected offices and ticket booths

We designed and built a security workstation that included

  • Four 54” wall mounted monitors
  • Eight 22” desk mounted monitors
  • A two sided desk with room to accommodate 4 workstations

We fully integrated a “live action map” of the entire convention center

  • The buildings floor plan is set on a monitor and camera icons report in real time motion throughout the building
  • Hovering a mouse pointer on the camera calls up a thumbnail.
  • This allows security to assess the situation without having to cover the entire footprint of the building.

We added audible alarms on all exterior doors so security knows if the buildings perimeter is at risk

Jeffersonville Township Public Library

Kovert Hawkins
DK Constructors

We installed structured a complete camera surveillance network , programmed the complete system, and provided hands-on staff for the library staff.

  • Installation of (60) 2MP Samsung Cameras
    • Included (1) Multisenor 4-Camera
  • Installed Camera PoE Network Switches
  • Installed 32TB Wave NVR
  • Programmed, set shots, and trained for Wave Surveillance system

Berea College


We installed structured cabling design solution that would actively support a five story academic structure.

60.1 miles of tested horizontal data cabling media deployed within the building structure.

Schiller was responsible for the internal mechanical build out of the telecommunications room hardware on each floor.

Republic Bank YMCA

Luckett & Farley
Wehr Construction

Schiller provided and installed all wood, hollow metal, and FRP doors throughout the building. Additional Division 8 items included all hollow metal frames, electronic door hardware and finger guard protection. Wall protection covering and corner guards were installed throughout the healthcare portion of this facility. Toilet accessories were provided and installed for over 30 rooms. 169 plastic laminate lockers and custom sloped top were installed in the locker room areas along with 30 pedestal benches. 21 toilet partition stalls were installed with aluminum no-sight strips to reduce visibility into the stall. Other items on this project include signage, projector screens, fire extinguishers & cabinets, expansion joints, solar powered traffic signage, bike racks, overhead doors, gym equipment and roller shades.

Baptist Health

Stengel- Hill Architecture
Congleton-Hacker Co.

Hollow metal frames, along with hollow metal and wood doors have been installed throughout numerous Baptist Health Facilities throughout the state. Wall protection including wall covering, corner guards, handrail and chair rail are key items in almost every renovation. Cubicle curtain track, toilet accessories, specimen pass thru cabinets, transaction windows and lockers are all items commonly installed on these projects. Schiller has been hired back to do more than 50 projects for this facility over the past 10 years.

UK Student Center

OMNI Architects
Messer Construction

We installed all hollow metal frames, hollow metal and wood doors in this facility. In addition, 256 of the openings had card readers installed to promote facility security. 84 toilet partition stalls and toilet accessories were installed in this $201 million dollar building. Other notable specialty items include lockers, fire protection, custom diamond plate wall covering, wall protection, access panels, signage, and plaques. Our Division 28 team provided and pulled all cabling associated with access control and electronic door terminations and installed over 385 cameras. Unique items on this project included Hold-up buttons and Talkaphones.

Copper Springs East

Guide Architecture, LLC
Kelley Construction

Supplied and installed hollow metal, wood and FRP doors and hollow metal frames for over 238 openings. Most openings on this project required ligature resistant hardware. The hardware included, but was not limited to, hinges, locksets, fasteners, wall stops, etc. The Division 10 portion of our contract included supplying and installing ligature resistant toilet accessories, corner guards with pick-resistant caulk, fire protection, lockers and toilet partitions. Division 28 pulled all wire for electronic door hardware and installed 96 card readers. They were also responsible for providing and installing the Emerge access control system throughout the facility.

UK College of Law

Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects
Congleton-Hacker Co.

Supplied and installed hollow metal and wood doors and hollow metal frames for over 290 openings. Our specialties contract included custom auditorium desks and fixed seating, custom walk-off entrance mats, toilet partitions, toilet accessories, roller shades, plastic laminate lockers, fire protection, overhead coiling doors, visual displays and projection screens. Our Division 28 team installed 189 card readers and 62 cameras along with in-wall Talkaphones and Hold-Up buttons.

U of L Novak Center

Messer Construction

We installed entry ways and a full building access control using S2 Global Technology. This allowed for securing of key areas as well as centralized control across multiple buildings.

We installed Access Controls on 190 doors throughout the 9-floor establishment

  • This included conduit rough-ins as well as pulling all cables from MDF/IDF rooms to the devices

We also installed terminated and tested all the door devices

We installed 79 IP based Cameras

  • This included cable pulling, terminations at both the cameras and the IP network racks and cable testing

We installed 4 8TB Servers

We installed 2 Network video recorders

We built all the access control infrastructure

  • This included 19 access control panels
  • All associated raceways and wireways
  • All terminations and testing of cables
  • All battery backups

We installed a building wide Panic system that overrides all egress security and allows mass exit from the building

We installed alarmed delayed egress devices throughout the building

  • Several of these doors had customer requested deviations from the standard programming

We installed a prop alarm system in which the access control system generated an alarm if any egress door was held or propped open

We installed an automatic irrigation system for the building’s living roof

We installed several automatic door operators including doors in a pedway with remotely located beam detectors. This helped facilitate doors opening sooner to accommodate heavy foot traffic

We installed IP based intercoms that have computer workstation communication with the doors and remote release

Joe Craft Center

Sherman Carter Barnhart
Messer Construction

We supplied Finish Hardware for this $30 million state-of-the-art basketball practice facility which houses the UK men’s and women’s basketball teams, plus many administrative and athletics staff offices.

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

Luckett & Farley
Construction Manager:
Huber Hunt & Nichols

We supplied hardware, hollow metal and wood doors on this 42,000 seat, $58 million project.

Southeast Christian Church

David E. Miller Architect, Orange CA
Construction Manager:
Clark Esser

One of the 6 largest churches in the country. We supplied Finish Hardware for this $77 million project.

William T. Young Library

Kallmann McKinneli & Wood
Construction Manager:
Lehrer McGovern Bovis

We supplied Hardware, Hollow Metal, and Wood Doors on this $55 million project.

Cumberland Gap Tunnel

Parsons, Brinekerhoff,
Quade and Douglas
Construction Manager:
Archer Western Contractors, Inc.

We supplied over $250k worth of various metal doors, stainless steel doors, security doors, frames and hardware inside the tunnel.

KFC YUM Center

HOK Sport
Construction Manager:
M.A. Mortenson

We pre-hardwared, pre-painted the metal doors, did the field installation, electronic hardware, etc…for all hollow metal and wood door openings.