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3M SAFETY & SECURITY WINDOW FILM strengthens the weakest parts of your perimeter.

School safety measures are more important than ever. Security and locked doors are crucial. Reinforcing windows and door glass can buy precious seconds for students and faculty to find shelter. Safety & Security Window Film helps to delay glass failure. The film doesn’t make glass bulletproof, but it can help delay an attacker from gaining access.

Furthermore, window films help improve safety in schools beyond intruder events. The reinforcements can prevent people from being injured by shards of broken glass.

According to the National Glass Association, some 73 percent of American schools were built before laminated glass was mandated by law, (1977). That means schools today may contain a risk to students. Broken glass can cause grievous injuries, and also allow bad actors quick access to our most vulnerable populations.

How Do Safety & Security Window Films Keep You Safer?

Schools can benefit from installing windows with safety and security films anywhere there is a risk of impact, such as gyms, science labs, and anywhere there are large windows. Safety and security films reduce the risk of injury from broken glass and create a safer learning environment for students.

In addition to injury prevention, safety glass can also enhance security in schools. Traditional glass can be easily broken, providing a weak spot for intruders or vandals. Safety and Security Filmed glass, on the other hand, is much more difficult to break, making it a more effective barrier against forced entry. Its resistance to impact represents crucial seconds that can mean more time for people to get to safety and for first responders to arrive.

By using safety glass film in doors, windows, and other vulnerable areas, schools can improve their security measures and help defend students and staff from potential threats. This added layer of protection can give you peace of mind, knowing that your school is taking steps to ensure safety.

Let Schiller Provide You With Options

Schiller’s highly trained team of window and door technicians have the expertise to enhance your building’s safety and security. For a fraction of the cost of total window replacement, we can professionally upgrade your existing standard glass using 3M safety and security film technology.

3M recommends the following safety products for optimum security: 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film Ultra Series S800 — for strong, tear-resistance. Safety Series S70 — holds broken glass together so windows won’t shatter. Impact Protection Attachment Systems — bonds the filmed window to the frame, offering the highest level of protection when combined with another safety film.

Healthy Building Solutions for Touchless Access, Occupancy Management, and More!

The world has become vastly more interconnected than ever before, with technology allowing us to interact and collaborate with individuals from around the world. In our communities, it has become increasingly common to create communal meeting spaces, to collaborate with people and companies from varying backgrounds, and to have a sort of ‘open door policy’ to make sure any and every opportunity is able to walk into your establishment.

While connecting on a level we never have before has allowed for business owners and entrepreneurs to create innovative new ideas and opportunities, having access to everyone and everything does come with its potential risks.

At Schiller, we have been committed to helping businesses and organizations to keep their facilities and employees safe and comfortable with high-quality products, excellent service, and 24-hour on-call support. We’ve kept our community safe for more than 90 years, and have adapted with the changing times to keep up with the competition.

Now, the world is undergoing a kind of change we have never seen before, one that has required people from all walks of life to reconsider their safety and health in their daily lives. The open-door policy of a few years ago can no longer exist as it did, with global health and safety now dependent on the actions of all.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has, in particular, made business owners and building developers more aware of how they outfit their facilities for optimum health and safety. At Schiller, we have been evolving our business model and adapting to the new needs of our clients for more than nine decades, helping to make us one of the most trusted providers of hardware and construction products as well as Division 27 & 28 services for enhanced safety and control. Now, we’re poised to take on the latest evolution in building safety, and to begin helping our clients to find the best products and methods to promote a healthy environment.

Access Control

One of the areas Schiller specializes in is Divisions 27 & 28, which includes access control services. No matter the size of your organization, it is vital to be able to track who is coming into your facility and when. Access control allows for enhanced security at virtually every level, allowing you to restrict unwanted visitor access while still permitting pertinent personnel to easily access those areas they need. The ability to restrict access to only a limited number of personnel not only improves the overall security of your facility, but can also help to create a healthier environment. With concerns over the spread of COVID-19 still very present in the minds of all people, it has never been more important than now to be vigilant and aware of who is interacting with you, your staff, and your facility. One person’s carelessness can impact the entirety of a company or group, which is why it is so vital to have strict oversight of the individuals entering and exiting your facilities.

At Schiller, we have installed countless access control systems, enabling business owners and their security teams to have full control over who can enter various areas of their facility. Our access control services can be applied to exterior and interior doors, enabling you to both control entry to the building, and access to various facilities and areas within it. By ensuring only authorized personnel enter restricted areas, you will be able to prevent the unnecessary spread of germs and unnecessary interpersonal interactions.

Limited Occupancy Enforcement

Previously, occupancy limits were largely determined by how much space was available and how many individuals were legally permitted to occupy the space without it becoming a fire hazard. Now, businesses and communal facilities have been forced to limit the number of visitors and employees permitted within the building at one time, since overcrowding can significantly increase the risk of viral transmission. Access control tools can bee used to ensure no more than the approved number of personnel are within your facility at any given time, thereby keeping the environment safe for everyone involved.

Touchless Entry Products

Door handles, keypads, pressure-plate automatic doors, and lots of other pieces of door hardware have been standard in most facilities for decades. Now, as we begin to learn more about our ability to influence public health and the spread of disease, many corporations and organizations have turned towards touchless entry solutions like key card/fob scanners and automatic doors. By minimizing the amount of physical contact required by personnel to enter or exit various parts of the facility, we are able to reduce the spread of germs and increase the efficiency of regular sanitation procedures.

Video Management

Just as it is vitally important to be able to control who comes in and out of your facility, it is equally important to be able to track who has already been inside and where they have gone. Pertaining specifically to the spread of coronavirus, one of the most effective methods of reducing transmission has been “contact tracing”, or tracking down all the individuals who may have come in contact with an infected individual.

When it comes to healthy building practices, installing video surveillance and management systems could help you in the event of an accidental exposure to COVID or some other illness. By being able to look back into surveillance footage, companies and their security teams can accurately identify where potentially infected individuals were in the facility, thereby enabling them to alert people they may have come in contact with, and perform additional sanitation procedures in those areas.

Health Screening

While many of the services already being provided by Schiller have been able to translate to the ever-changing needs of today, we are also excited to be seeing new products and services begin to gain momentum. Health screening products may well be the future of access control, and self-reported health and wellness could be the future of access. Some companies have begun screening all employees upon entering the building each day, administering self-assessments to allow personnel to self-report symptoms, implementing temperature check stations, and adding touchless sanitation tools throughout their facilities.

Tracking self-reported symptoms and health data can help companies to avoid exposure in the first place, since requiring personnel to input their information before entering the workplace could weed out infected individuals before they ever get a chance to come in contact with their coworkers or the facility.

At Schiller, we provide 24-hour support to our clients, enabling them to call with questions, concerns, or problems at any time of day. As we begin to see health screening and wellness technology incorporated more readily into the workplace, our customers will need assistance in managing data and tracking the health of their employees. Our team will be able to analyze self-reported data, and enforce access restrictions at the first indication of a potential threat.

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